Use Rust in Arduino


I believe that we can use Rust in Arduino, but how do we set this up?


Arduino is based on AVR, and AVR support in Rust is a work in progress:


Cool can’t wait to use Rust with Arduino one day.


You could propable use the Arduino Due which is based on a arm cortex M3


Can you code in Rust and is Rust stable enough to be used on Aurduinos?


Yes :slight_smile:

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Would this also be compatable with a Rasbbery Pi or the Odroid without changing the code?

Can you use sam3x8e on a Raspberry Pi or an Odroid

How do I upload an executable to the Due?

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You could do that with a openocd /gdb or something similar. Take a look at, as MCU the due is equipped with a Atmel SAM3X8E ARM Cortex-M3.


Thanks get uploaded with your help :sunglasses: