Console editor for Rust written in Rust?

there are a lot good editors like vim or micro, but I'm looking for a console editor that supports Rust and is written in Rust.

There is Xi and vixi, but there is not much activity in the last month.

Any other suggestion?


Is there any particular reason your editor has to be written in Rust if there are good ones existing already that are not?

Vim has very good support for Rust. See how Jon Gjengset makes it fly: Desktop and editor setup for Rust development - YouTube

There are a few reasons.

I want to replace standard tools with Rust versions like alacritty or the coreutils.
Performance is also a reason because sometimes I use older hardware for development.
Some batteries included e.g. rustfmt or Clippy Support would be nice. I tried to set up (neo)vim with rust support, but full support with rls was very slow on older hardware.

And last but not least: it would be a nice to have, but it is not a must have.

Recent related post: Editor w/ LSP support; scriptable in Rust

With regard to rls, most people have switched over to rust-analyzer at this point. That provides support for most things that you'd want to do (and even quite a bit more honestly).

You are right, rust-analyzer might be the better solution.

And I never heard of Kakoune. Will try it.

But it seams there is no editor written in Rust except from Xi

In a related postt, Rust, tui, mini-vi/mini-emacs? - #2 by mbrubeck , @mbrubeck links to the excellent Hecto: Build your own text editor in Rust – Philipp Flenker – Engineering Manager

The series is very well written.

I worked through that tutorial and had the intention of adding LSP support. In theory, adding LSP support = auto gain all the powers of rust-analyzer. In practice, I never found a good tutorial on writing a LSP client.

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BTW, if you find a good tutorial on writing a LSP client please let me know.

Amp is implemented in Rust. It's modal like vim and comes with a bunch of features by default.

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Thanks for the hint with Amp. I was able to compile it, but couldn't test it yet. Will try it later. Maybe it is a lightweight alternative to (neo)vim.

Here's another one I came across today:

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