Best Rust editor?

What's currently the best editor for Rust? I've been meaning to try out Rust some more lately and the lack of a good IDE is the only thing holding me back.


There is no complex and finished IDE for rust like Eclipse or Code Blocks.
I used geany because it is simple, fast and the version in the arch linux repositories already supports a bit syntax highlighting and text completion.
Currently I switch to vim.

Unlike C++ or Java you don't need a IDE for rust. Cargo works fine for automated compiling, testing and crate management. A simple editor with auto indentation, mono-font and maybe syntax-highlighting is enough.


I've been using Atom for Rust mostly. There is a working rust syntax plugin and if you fiddle with things enough you can get things like rustc Lint's and racer completion!

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I've been using Sublime Text with a syntax highlighting plugin. The 'project system' of ST is good enough for my needs.


With Sublime Text I also use a Rust syntax highlighting and code completion package. Additionally I have added a Rust syntax specific shortcut CMD+SHIFT+R to maintain "4 spaces of indentation"

"keys": ["super+shift+r"],
"command": "reindent",
"tab_size": 4,
"translate_tabs_to_spaces": true