CGN #13: Weekend Special: Code Sprint sponsored by Mozilla


Hello Rustaceans,

BIG NEWS for you: This month we will have yet another really exciting Rust Special in Cologne, which you should not miss if you are in the area!

The goal of is to start new projects, work on your current ones or get involved in new ones. The event is open to beginners interested in learning Rust while building a small project. This may also be your chance to join someone else’s project or vice versa

We will meet on the 3rd weekend in November (2016-11-19 and 2016-11-20) from noon to (at least) 10pm on each day (feel free to come and go as you please).

Our agenda is as simple as:

  • be there, hack on Rust
  • have fun and eat free Pizza. :slight_smile:

Important: Make sure to bring your programming equipment plus project ideas and some time.

This is our first event sponsored by Mozilla and we are very proud about that. This is only possible due to all of your previous great contributions to and participation in our meetups, which keep this community alive and growing. So thank you for all of that and hoping to see you at our Rust Code Sprint.

You can register here.

Let’s make this one memorable!


  • You can speak German and/or English during the event - depending on your conversation partners, of course. :wink:
  • The Rust Code of Conduct applies to this event.

Jan-Erik, Pascal, Florian and Colin

PS: Make sure to also check out our other great Rust Audio Special three days before on Wednesday 2016-11-16.