Announcing, a hack event happening an November 19th/20th

Hello Rustceans,

this year has seen a lot of new meetups, community events and conferences conferences! We've been glad to see the community growing and would like to continously try to make new offers for people to get involved.

And with that, we'd like to announce the next offer: a hybrid code event happening both on-site and online for people that cannot attend any of the on-site events. It will happen on November 19th/20th. It's not centered around a topic, but around time-zones - the first event will be happening around the African and European timezones. This allows us to make sure people have consistent ongoing support in IRC channels and on-site.

We currently have Mozilla Berlin and Paris and Rust Cologne as locations for on-site workshops, but we'd like to grow this: if you have a space available for a couple of people to meet (your local hackspace, a room in you office, etc.), please get in touch with us. We are speaking to a couple of people in north and south Africa, but would be happy about any contacts there.

The same goes for if you want to work on a project with people, provide mentorship to newcomers or set up an IRC channel around a topic an point people towards it.

For details, have a look at For questions, ask here, mail the community team or me.



I'd be interested in Tokyo, but I cannot offer a space here.

Same here! I wish there was an event in Tokyo. I can ask my employer if we can do that in our office, if other rustaceans are interested.

@fulmicoton @kintaro maybe the Rust tokyo meetup can help there? Would you ask you employer?

I have a coupe of contacts in Tokyo, but only for spreading the word.

I'd love to take part, though I don't think there are a lot of fans in Portugal

I just asked, I'm unsure of the answer especially considering the short notice. I will let you know when I get answer

You might want to get in touch with the fine people here. Where are you in Portugal?

Other then that, hop on the IRCs and ask questions :).

That unfortunately won't be possible to do it in my company's office ( T_T )

Unfortunately, we cannot use my employer's office. Does somebody else have an office where we could meet ?

Sorry for my off-topic.
Ando à procura de Rustaceanos em Portugal.
Ainda não tinha apanhado este meetup.
Quando vai acontecer o próximo?
On topic. Trying to find Portuguese Rustaceans.