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Dear all,

My name is Gedere Dorke and I am currently learning Rust. I have read and researched about how Rust can be used in Web Application development (specifically Backend Development).

My question is what is the best possible resources that I could use to learn Backend Web Application with Rust?



Hello Gedere,
Welcome to this lovely community.

It’s depend on your knowledge background and project requirements.
I had many researches about web-development (front end and back-end) in rust, I can say rust is not good choose for general back-end web-development right now, Along with great advantages it has two major disadvantage for newcomers.

  1. web development in rust is not easy compared to php, python, java … .
  2. when you use rust as a back-end, your program is not capable to run in many shared hosts.

If you are sure to start web-development in rust, I highly recommend first learn futures and tokio (Most of network related libraries in rust are based on futures and tokio), and after that choose a desirable HTTP library based on your requirements (in my opinion Hyper and actix-web are most desirable HTTP libraries in rust).



There are now many backend frameworks in rust like the las comment mentioned:

You should learn it first if you don’t have much experience with asynchronous code. I use Actix-web, it is not difficult to understand although you don’t have a lot of knowledge in rust. You can see this complete example that I did using actix-web, Diesel and Graphql with Jupiner:



Thanks uncotion,

I have a strong background in building web applications in PHP. I recently discovered Rust and am learning rust using the resources on Rust website.

I understand the disadvantages you listed (as I am newbie), but all the while, I would like to learn web application development in rust and I think your recommendations have pointed me in the right direction.

Gedare Dorke

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Hi dancespiele,

Thanks for the encouragement. Once I have learnt rust I will looking into the resources you provide. Maybe I’ll try to learn both rust and actix at the same time and will also look more deeply into Diesel.

Gedare Dorke

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