Total noob in Web Dev and want to start a project



My dev background these last 10 years is Android dev then Windows Driver dev / high level layer firmware dev.

I want to start a web project as a hobby which will be basically a grocery list manager with a backend on the server, shareable lists, user management, a front-end and a friend will write an Android client.

So I’m totally new to Web dev and I’m wondering which crates to use as a web framework, how to write the front-end using Rust…

So basically, I’m looking for resources to learn web development using Rust, obviously :slight_smile:

Thanks for any pointers!


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Check out Rocket

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Hey! I started a series about Web Development in Rust. It is ongoing and starts with the basics. So maybe have a look and see if that’s helpful for you.

I also give an overview of the network stack, and each post starts with the “basics”:

Feel free to give feedback or what you would need to get started or dig deeper!

Have fun!



Thank you very much! Going to read that :smiley: