Announcing the Talk Help section

You might have noticed that our discourse grew a closed subcategory quite a while ago called "Talk Help". It can be accessed by sending a request through The Rust Programming Language Forum.

This is part of an ongoing effort to improve our community support for speakers. The "Talk Help" section is there for discussing conference or meetup talks in all stages, from idea, over proposal to the post-talk feedback. For that, we are searching both experienced speakers interested in mentoring new people and new speaker interested in hopping on stage.

The section is not public to allow discussing details of talks that speakers are not comfortable to talk about in the open (yet). Access is liberal, as long as you are not leaking details, you can request and get access.

Please be aware that the "Talk Help" section is not a discussion forum per se, speakers and conference organizers have the final word on whether an subject is interesting, the focus is on support.

Note that it is currently pre-filled with submissions from RustFest, but as that came rather late, not much discussion has happened.

To get access, head to The Rust Programming Language Forum and request access, I'll add you.

Finally, I'm currently hosting the section alone, if anyone wants to be involved as a group owner, please ping me.

To give you a better overview, I've attached the general rules of the section: