Please join "Rust East Coast", a community focused on sharing and giving virtual and in-person tech talks (Rust NYC, Boston Rust, Rust Philly, and others)

Hi, I'm Cole, and I became a Rust NYC meetup co-organizer back in 2019. When the pandemic started, I started focusing on making sure all of our talks for Rust NYC would be available to stream and view virtually. With this shift, I created the "Rust East Coast" as an effort to make more talks accessible via virtual attendance and recordings.

We are a small community of Rust enthusiasts that have been bonded by attending talks in mostly Rust NYC and online meetups, and I'd love to invite more into our group now that we have a few ways to offer support and collaborate.

To give you an idea of how we're set up, I'm going to share our channel intros, which I recently reorganized in response to feedback from some members.

  • 📢 upcoming for announcements of upcoming talks and events which can be attended virtually.
  • ⁠💬 mentor-matching to find a mentor or offer mentorship to others
  • 💬 ⁠project-matching to find a project or share a project you want to collaborate on
  • 💬 talk-suggestions for offering to give a talk or suggest a kind of talk you'd like to see
  • 💬 open-source if you want feedback or help on something in your current project
  • 💬 ⁠link-sharing is a place to share articles, talks, and other online media you find interesting and want to discuss with others
  • # water-cooler is for everything else like ideas for the server, venting, and sharing things that might be off-topic for the other channels!

Please find an invitation to join via our Linktree at

Also, if you have any ideas for what you're looking for from a growing Rust community, please let us know here or in the Discord :smiling_face:

Thanks so much!


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