Announcing the Rust Working Group at the Academy Software Foundation

Hey all!

I'd like to officially announce the Rust Working Group at the Academy Software Foundation. You can see the official blog post here: Academy Software Foundation Announces Formation of Rust Working Group, Initial Release of OpenEXR Rust Binding - ASWF

The group is designed to create a framework to allow developers interested in creating Rust bindings for C and C++ libraries used in the media industry. Also as a byproduct, to also create (at least some) of those bindings. Our first crate released is and we're currently wrapping that up, while starting to work on OpenImageIO, Ptex, and USD.

You can join us via our GitHub organization vfx-rs · GitHub, or via the ASWF slack under the #rust channel.

Also, we host a bi-weekly meeting to discuss the status of the bindings on Fridays at 1 pm Pacific Time. You can see the calendar here: | Calendar

Lastly, please feel free to send any and all questions over. We're really excited to get this far, and we hope that eventually we'll see more Rust at studios.

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