Hey all! I’d like to share a new project with you today:

Source is here:

For every release, we share a thank you list of contributors. For example, see “Contributors to 1.14.0” here:

To calculate this info, I have to run some git commands on my local checkout of Rust. That’s kind of annoying, but there’s something worse: this only tracks commits to rust-lang/rust. People who work on Cargo don’t get credit. People who work on the nursery don’t get credit. Etc. This is really unfair. We should be making sure to give thanks to everyone who works on the project as a whole.

I’ve wanted to rectify this for a long time; well over a year. I finally actually found some time and did it, though. That’s

Now, there’s a few things:

  1. The code is kind of a mess. It’s using raw hyper master, with tokio.
  2. It currently still only tracks rust-lang/rust.
  3. I’m not sold on this design.
  4. There’s some discrepancy between github and this site. ( )
  5. it uses nightly for now. with 1.15 it will be on stable; macros 1.1 is the only feature flag.

If you’re interested in helping me whip this into shape, please jump on the issue tracker, I’d love to have some help! There’s still a lot of easy issues to knock out.

EDIT: oh, and one more thing. If you see yourself listed twice, or not listed at all, please either open an issue or send me a PM in some form; we can take care of that. I’ve already found one or two things…


I agree. With around 25 heart-related glyphs in the emoji range and a couple of others outside, I don’t think it has enough variety.


Oh that reminds me: At @nikomatsakis and others’ request, there is an alias:



I think discourse somehow breaks this link. (or punycode, or whatdoiknow)


Oops, it needs to be https, i think




yep, but:


I think this has to do with the SSL stuff and some extra configuration, looking into it. Thanks.


Wow, Bors is really making everyone look bad :wink:


I actually really like that bors will always be number one. No human can ever be the biggest committer. :smile:


Technically, bors only adds one commit per PR. So if folks start sending PRs with thousands of commits, anyone could race to the top. Then perhaps bors will defend itself by squashing merges…

More seriously, is there anyway to track other github activity as a separate metric? Filing issues, opening PRs that get closed, and even just adding comments are all still valuable ways to contribute without adding to the commit count.


Maybe this one on the site? Instead of those emojis. :slight_smile:

All the Rust swag

Possibly, yes. Would you mind opening up an issue?


Here you go:


the alias for :heart: should be fixed now!


I noticed eddyb appears 2 times with different names (probably not the only one):

Eduard Burtescu	687
Eduard-Mihai Burtescu	205

Maybe we need some sort of alias table?

Edit: I’ve just seen the edit to the original post which mentions the same thing so ignore me :slight_smile:


We do support rust’s mailmap file, but if there’s not an entry in the mailmap, it can happen.

@eddyb you know how to hit me up to fix this :smile: