Thanks everyone

I just wanted to say a huge thanks to everybody involved in producing the experience that is Rust. Things I highly value in Rust:

  • community: it could so easily have adopted the worst of the Haskell mindset, and yet, for the most part, it is welcoming, accessible, friendly, and supportive.
  • cargo-fmt: I really appreciate how unconfigurable it is - consistency general wins, particularly when it comes to subjective styling.
  • test: the inbuilt testing framework is good enough. One more piece of the "on ramp" provided for you
  • traits: the strategy pattern in all its glory. Ok, there is a little too much machinery around them (Box, dyn, impl, Sized etc.), but that's an experience thing.
  • enums: sum types as a front-and-centre programming construct. They are exactly the right tool for expressing, well, sum types! One of this, or that, or those.
  • the three bears: just enough FP, just enough procedural, and just enough OO
  • cargo/workspaces: move over maven, ant, gradle, etc., go home, you're drunk!
  • performance: it's just so fast for such a high level programming language.
  • std lib: it has a very large std lib, but thanks to judicious use of traits it isn't overwhelming.
  • clippy: a pedantic, opinionated, and vocal opinion on these sorts of decisions has replaced a large part of my job ;-). I don't know why it isn't more used instead of check. cargo clippy --fix --all is just <chef's kiss>
  • solid: the language and core machinery around rust is just rock solid. At least, I haven't run into any issues that haven't turned out to be either well documented, my misunderstanding, my false assumption, or me being a muppet.
  • documentation: the std library documentation, and community crates in general, are excellent. Good doc takes far more time than good code, so thank you.
  • you: thank YOU for putting your time and effort into this wonderful project.

Of course, there are pain points, and there are some gotchas on the on-ramp, but they are a small price to pay.

So again, thank you. Now, turn off your computers and go play with your kids, pets, buddies, or failing all of that, go and donate some time to your local community :-).


This should be the quote in This Week in Rust.


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