This community and tooling is part for what makes Rust so nice!

Just popping in to say what the title says. I've recently been setting my sights slightly differently requiring me to learn React and a few other things not in Rust land and it's made me realize some things.

Part of what I love about Rust isn't even Rust itself, it's this forum! Of all the places I've looked for help in learning programming, nothing I've found holds a candle to how helpful and supportive this forum (and some other Rust related places like on Discord) has been! Please don't ever change. I sincerely hope that at some point I can make development a career change (part of why I've shifted programming focus) and am able to contribute back, if nothing else, because this forum deserves it. I am not saying everywhere else is horrible (though I have personally felt that way about a few non-Rust-specific places), but in comparison this community stands leagues above.

Also the Rust tooling is absolutely phenomenal!! Part of that is because of what Rust Analyzer can do knowing Rusts guarantees and types, but little things like the intellisense in VsCode knowing the variants of an enum or the properties of a struct, or that something can't be used in a particular place. But some of it is the Cargo toolsets, the documentation tooling and and the effort put there.

Rust is truly special in the landscape that I have seen so far and I just wanted to pop in and share that. I hope that anyone reading this that has contributed here or anywhere else into Rust, its community and/or its tooling will pat themselves on the back today and stand a bit taller. Thank you!!


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