Please welcome eddyb to the lang team!

Hello all,

It is my great pleasure to announce that @eddyb will be joining the Language Design subteam. Eddyb has been around and hacking on the compiler for years now, and he's been an active contributor to numerous language design questions over the years. We're very excited to have him.

-- nmatsakis :slight_smile:


@eddyb you really deserve it :smile:

Ditto! Congrats @eddyb!

Welcome @eddyb!


much deserved! Congrats :smiley:

Thanks, everyone! It's great to be part of possibly the most significant PL design effort outside of academia and I'm really excited for the next steps in Rust's evolution.


Never commented up until now, I have always been overlooking this Rust business since 2013 (when I got to choose between a really immature Rust language and Go for a nascent project) and closely following it after all this time I must say that this is a hugely, much deserved announcement. Congrats to @eddyb and the whole team, about time!

Congratulations, @eddyb! Obviously a great choice. :slight_smile:

Congrats @eddyb. Pretty much once a week I say out loud to somebody, "damn @eddyb is good".

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Wait, he wasn't there from the beginning? o_O

He was so helpful for some work I did on the compiler last year that I thought he was already part of the team. Congratulations!

Congrats @eddyb! This is well deserved.