Announcing Rust Belt 1.0 - Asteroids-like arcade game

The Rust Belt team would like to present Rust Belt 1.0.

rust-belt is a 2D video game featuring an original soundtrack :musical_score: inspired by the classic Asteroids arcade game. It is implemented using the Rust game engine, Piston.

The goal was to use the project as a fun way to learn Rust and to create something that could be an example for others looking to do game programming in Rust. It has been tested on Windows, macOS, and Ubuntu.

Feel free to try it out and post your high score :smile:.

Special thanks to:

  • Contributors @mcdenhoed and @theandrewdavis
  • Piston lead developer @bvssvni
  • intellij-rust development team @matklad and others
  • @aochagavia for his excellent Piston game, rocket


Nice game! The source code is well structured and easy to follow.
I also like the music, just out of curitosity: what tool(s) did you use to compose it ?

Do you want to extend the game (are you accecpting pull requests) ?

For example:

  • more than one life / ship
  • big asteroids break into smaller ones
  • other enemies
  • ship enhancements


Nice game!

Thanks! Glad you enjoy it.

what tool(s) did you use to compose it ?

I used Finale to compose the music along with a synthesizer (electric piano) to experiment / work out the parts.

are you accecpting pull requests

At the moment I’m working with the other contributors to decide what we want to do (if anything) with the game going forward. So not currently, but potentially in the future.

Rust Belt 1.1.0 has been released!

New to this Release

Sound Effects

Now enjoy genuine asteroids sound effects, enriching your gaming experience with waves of 8-bit nostalgia! This takes advantage of new features in piston-music to do simultaneous music and sound effects.

##Asteroid Splitting

In v1.1.0, whenever you hit an asteroid, you now get a prize: three more asteroids where the old one used to be!


Thanks to @mcdenhoed and @bsvercl for help on this release.


Rust Belt 1.2.0 has been released!

New to this release

  • Added Game Over screen
  • Utilized updates to piston-music, split volume control to allow music and sound volumes to be controlled independently
  • Revamped the menu with a fade in logo
  • Re-synthesized soundtrack using Finale 25 Garritan instruments

Thanks to @mcdenhoed for contributions to this release.


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I love how you are showcasing a language that combines all computing advances since the early eighties by implementing a game from the early eighties.

It’s somehow ironic, yet still awesome!
(And the moving screenshot really sells it!)

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