Why does Rust-Analyzer not work on self-written code?

I would like to ask why Rust-Analyzer is installed in VScode. The source code downloaded on Github can have a series of functions such as jump and variable type prompt, while the rust code written by myself does not have these functions.

You mean your Rust projects don't seem to be working with Rust Analyzer? Are you using Cargo to build your project?

Yes, I used Cargo to create the project, but R-A didn't work on the project I created, it only worked on the project I downloaded from Github.

Was it just the default project that cargo generates or bad you added things to it?

Brother, I have found a solution, the situation I mentioned happened because I put the project downloaded from Github and the project I created in the same folder, and opened the folder using VScode, now when I use VScode to open only the project folder I created, R-A-plug-in is already working, Thank you very much for your reply.

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