Rust Analyzer not working on any project


I don't know what's wrong with my setup, but rust-analyzer on VS Code fails with this error on every project I have, even on a newly created project.

[ERROR rust_analyzer::main_loop] FetchWorkspaceError:
rust-analyzer failed to load workspace: Failed to load the project at /path/to/project/Cargo.toml: Failed to read Cargo metadata from Cargo.toml file /path/to/project/Cargo.toml, Some(Version { major: 1, minor: 73, patch: 0 }): Failed to run `cd "/path/to/project" && "cargo" "metadata" "--format-version" "1" "--features" "unstable" "--manifest-path" "/path/to/project/Cargo.toml" "--filter-platform" "x86_64-apple-darwin"`: `cargo metadata` exited with an error: error: none of the selected packages contains these features: unstable

I'm not sure why it's looking for that unstable feature.

What is your vscode config?

Turns out I had added this feature to my config a few months ago