What's everyone working on this week (47/2017)?

New week, new Rust! What are you folks up to?

I'm working on a hardware abstraction layer for NXP LPC82x microcontrollers, based on my lpc82x crate. It's mostly done, but still needs some polishing before release (mostly documentation). Should be ready soon.

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I did start working on the HaltonSampler issue last week. The abstraction to use a common Sampler trait is done and the source code compiles, but during rendering there are still problems to solve. If I figure out how to make that work (this week) I probably add the next sampler (see SobolSampler) as well ... BTW the whole library is split now into modules and the core into sub-modules ... :sweat_smile:

Spent a few hours working on fixing tests in uom (type-safe zero-cost dimensional analysis) in an effort to get integer storage types working. Currently trying to decide how to deal with tests that work with floating point numbers but don't for integers.

Spent weekend playing around solo5 unikernel base layer. solo5-rs. Nothing impressive done, but it compiles and print "Hello world" on console examples. Maybe someone finds it interesting.

Both samplers are now implemented, see issue 9 and issue 25. All the other recent changes can be seen in the Release Notes ... Version v0.2.5 was released about 4 hours ago :robot:

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I created and closed two more issues this week: CreatePLYMesh and Debug veach-mis/mis.pbrt ...

Trying to get rid of a spin loop in SPMCBuffer, that is only used in an exceptional edge case, and ending up with issues with the proposed Condvar-based replacement that can best be described as an edge case of the edge case. I'm always amazed at how crazy interactions between the world of blocking and non-blocking thread synchronizations can get!

Once I've figured this one out, and finished the associated SPMCBuffer v1 release, I have also had some interesting discussions with a colleague on lock-free bounded MPMC queues recently, which I would like to put in practice in thread-pool experiments. Curious to see how that will go!

Iā€˜m working my clean-float crate. Its mostly documentation that is left to do and i hope i find a few quite moments over the next days for that.