What's everyone working on this week (46/2018)?


New week, new Rust! What are you folks up to?


I’m trying to figure out a way to get all the docs.rs / crates.io packages I need … and store them offline, so I even if I have no internet connection (RV trip, cruise, etc …), I can still develop rust.


@zeroexcuses: cargo-vendor might be useful.

Working on better handling of when a game round has ended. Apparently instant-jump-to-title-screen when someone wins isn’t good user experience.


@zeroexcuses cargo doc automatically builds dependency docs. You can copy them off the target folder somewhere safe (in case you do a clean or something).


I start research of error index message and examples by implementing tests as a source code. I think it is simple for developers to understand (at first for me) a big file of text dividing it to the peace of small test projects. The study of compiler errors and ways to eliminate them is very interesting, even fascinating, I would say.


Going through the last section of “the Book” (building a multi-thread web server), and then beginning work on a super simple, low resource message queue system in Rust. Really excited!


I started porting Chuck Walbourn’s win32 DirectX11 project template from C++ to Rust.
Progress can be seen here: https://github.com/ArmsOfSorrow/win32-d3d-template


Working on a naive implementation of an Entity Component System for my Dissertation!


is that implementation going to become “less naive” as you progress with your dissertation? :slight_smile:


yep! going to be increasing complexity up until I hopefully hit performance seen in the C/C++ space of ECS’. The main objective of the dissertation is to show that Rust is a great alternative to C/C++ :slight_smile:


Cool :slight_smile: But if it’s for your dissertation, that means you probably cannot publish it any time soon, right?


I’m trying to reimplement leveldb in Rust.


Waiting 2018 edition


Maybe JAMstack is a bit of a hype right now, but I do use Static Site Generators for quiet some time to create my web pages. So far I have been using Jekyll, but I really wanted to use Rust instead of Ruby, so I started investigating Gutenberg. I also registered a new domain for a Rust project of mine, which deserves it’s own web page:


Not much there yet, but it will be filled with content over the next few month. Hopefully at the end of the year I gathered all the information about things I have already implemented around the Rust based PBRT implementation and then I will post a Call for Participation here

    github/rs_pbrt > ../onefetch/target/release/onefetch 
                                         Project: rs_pbrt
             `  :y.`yy`.y:  `            Language: Rust
         -``MNsNMMNNNNMMNsNM``-          Authors: Jan Walter
     `NNNMMMdo:` `+md/  `:odMMMNNN`      Repo: https://github.com/wahn/rs_pbrt.git
   -ssNMMNo.                .oNMMNss-    Number of lines: 41840
   `mMMMMNmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmdy+` `sMMMm`    License: GNU General Public License v3.0 only
 -oMN-:Ny:mMMMMMm    oNMMMMMm oN::MMo-   
.yMMMhhh+ dMMMMMd:::::+mMMMMN/ odyhMMMy. 
-sNMMy    dMMMMMNyyyydMMMMMMy   .odMMNs- 
.yMMMm   dMMMMMh     +MMMMMM+  sMMMMMy.  
   `mMMMm               `-:o+:/mMMMm`    
   -ssNMMMyomo            smohMMMNss-    
     `NNNMs+mN/-`      `-/Nd/yMNNN`      
      ` -MMNMMMMMNmmmmNMMMMMNMM- `       
            `  :y.`yy`.y:  `             


Yep, it will be done by May I think, but hopefully sooner :slight_smile:


I started work on a layer-2 blockchain node written in rust :heart:

This is my very first rust project and I am very new to the language. So far, I love the concepts and design decisions of rust :hugs:


Just wrote the command line utility webpacker-cli allowing any web framework to use Webpacker. And I also wrote a Rust library for using it webpacker-rs.

Webpacker allows you to conveniently pre-process, pack, and map assets for your website including CSS, SASS, CoffeeScript, React, VueJS, Images, and others. Also it uses version hashing to invalidate caches clients have of old sources.