What's everyone working on this week (46/2015)?


Another week of happy rusting! What are you folks up to?



This is my first week back at home in a while. Swarm says that I’ve been to JFK for four weeks in a row now…

So mostly it’s settling in, writing more docs, the usual. I have a dentist’s appointment today that I should have taken care of a while ago, it’s giving me some stress…

I’ve been enjoying this approach lately: https://github.com/rust-lang/rust/issues/29429 tracking issues for all the things. I’d like to check one or two of those things off the list this week if I can.



I’m looking for a collaborator. I am a financial developer and the author of Derivatives Algorithms, a book on financial library design supported by a C++ codebase. I’m looking for a strong Rust programmer who wants to learn derivatives pricing, to create a Rust version of the code and a Rust edition of the book.

There are more details at the book’s blog, http://derivativesalgorithms.blogspot.com.

Tom Hyer



Urgh I keep forgetting to say hi in this thread :slight_smile: I feel like I’ve hit a bit of a wall with sassers; I think I’m on the verge of my… fourth? fifth? major refactoring but I’m not sure exactly what I want the end state to be yet, so I’m letting my subconscious mull it over for a while.

One of my coworkers is reviving a 4-year-old, incomplete project of mine, compatriot, to do automated screenshot comparisons to catch visual regressions in your website. Part of it is doing image diffing using chunky_png in Ruby, which is pretty slow, and I’m interested in trying to reimplement the image diffing part in Rust using image or something and comparing it to oily_png. Right now, this seems much more constrained than sassers, so I hope to actually have something complete in the near future :wink:

Unrelated trivia: I was inordinately delighted the other day when I discovered that DuckDuckGo has “!cargo” for searching crates.io :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:



This week I wrote Inquerest – A complex url parameter parser for rest filter queries inspired by Postgrest.

This is using rust-peg, and can only be built against the nightlies. The previous attempt was writing it with regex matching at every parts but turns to be more buggy and complicated than I thought. Rust-peg is awesome to save me from complicated algorithms.

The complex paramters could have been expressed better in json then encode it to base64 and passed it in a resty GET request parameter, but its a 2 step process and can’t intuitively reasoned out in 1 look at what the URL request mean.



Writing applications for talks and other things. Have I ever mentioned that doing community works sucks away time from writing code? :slight_smile:

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Hi, I’m Duncan. :slight_smile:

I’m new to the forum!

I created my first Rust program. So I am officially a rustacean. :wink:
It’s a genetic algorithm to converge a set of random strings in a population to a given string.

Check out my code: http://pastebin.com/GuJHJ9Ep



Started playing with FPGA’s/hardware hacking in the last couple weeks, and got super burned trying to play with the official tooling that came with the hardware. One of my favorite things about many modern languages are the build tools that come with them (Cargo, Cabal, …), so I started something similar to help manage Verilog projects :slight_smile: https://github.com/yupferris/kaze

Additionally, working on incorporating Windows and Linux backends for the audio parts of my emulator infrastructure, to bring this project and this project out of OSX-only land :smiley:



Hi all!

This week I finished the second part in a series of blog posts titled “Rust in Detail”.

Now I’m preparing the ground for porting Rust to Illumos/Solaris & derivative OSes. Besides that it’ll be a lot of fun for me, it promises some interesting benefits for the Rust community as well.

As for instance, Solaris has DTrace, a sophisticated and advanced tracing tool that can be used to trace performance issues and to catch non-trivial bugs in Rust code (it’s comparable to strace on Linux, but much more powerful). And Joyent’s cloud platform, Triton, natively runs on SmartOS, the Solaris-based operating system, so when the port is done it should be possible to run Rust programs in the cloud with a near-native performance.

For now I’m mostly done with stage0 compilation, but there’s a lot more to do. The end goal is to pass the full test suite.



I’m Rust newbie!

println!("Hello, everyone!");

I’m writing “Hello World!” all the time yet. :laughing:
I’m building my development environment for Rust if seriously (almost done).



Yo yo!

I’m not working on anything too special. Just an interactive IRC client: https://github.com/synlestidae/rustirc

I am liking the Rust community atmosphere so far. I am currently not involved with a “major” open source project,
but my goal at the moment is to find one to become part of, long term.



Servo and rustc are always searching and incredibly responsive for projects of such size.



I’ve been making Emacs smarter about ’ in Rust code!

It’s been a fun project getting to grips with a new Emacs library. ’ has been annoying me for a while.

Now that’s sorted, I’m back to my unoriginal (but fun!) Z80 disassembler project.

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Just open sourced a large project I’ve been working on for a while (like, over a year… there were initial prototypes in Python and F#, finally I rewrote it in Rust)…

meet freepass, the free password manager for power users!



Hi !
I’ve been working for my API for like 3 months. It’s written in Rust, and for the iOS app I’m building. I did a REST API, it was the first time I was doing this, and then I’ll need to program in Swift, which’s again a language I don’t know.
My API’s repo: https://github.com/jhunn/hypest-api
It’s a big challenge for me, because at start I wasn’t knowing anything about Rust, a friend recommended it to me. And then, I used platforms like git, or postgres which I wasn’t knowing aswell. Then, I’ll program in Swift ! I love challenges and that’s why I take a big pleasure to discover Rust, more and more each days, which is a wonderful language imo.
Sorry for that english, and have a nice week-end !



I was just trying to learn the language, which has been going very well so far, but I couldn’t find any method for waiting on multiple file descriptors (except by using multiple threads). So of course my first real piece of code in Rust has been a simple wrapper around poll. :smile:

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