What’s everyone working on this week? (Week 40, 2015)


And another week of joyful Rusting! What are you folks up to.

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I’m going to resurrect my crypto::symm PR for rust-openssl, work on the bindings generator for Gtk-rs and look into contributing to rustdoc.


This is the first week I’m really talking to the editors at No Starch about the book, so hopefully we’ll get some good stuff done there.

It’s also time for a “GC sweep” of doc issues, I let them pile up while I do other things, and then try to knock them out quickly. Leaving them open for a bit helps bring some new contributors in.


I am writing Redox: A Rust Operating System: https://github.com/jackpot51/redox
There is a blog with screenshots linked from github
IRC at: irc.mozilla.org #redox
Come chat with me, if you want more details!


Attempting to get back to my library dev work after a long hiatus, starting with modernising cgmath, and cleaning up its API.


I’m making a short digression to work on building some profiling tools. I’ve been using VTune which is damn powerful but doesn’t always give a clear picture of overall performance. I’m hoping to put together a target profiling utility that’s lightweight enough to have always running, that way I always have performance data when I start running into issues.


I had a Rust presentation today!

Slides can be found here


Also big thanks to @alexcrichton for allowing me to borrow/use some slides :slight_smile:


I started to translate the rust book into German two days ago:



With a little help from @retep998 I’m getting started on a wrapper for the Windows GUI APIs:

The hope is that this will be a nice, safe abstraction for the Windows backend of my upcoming KISS UI rewrite; my goal is to create a crossplatform GUI toolkit for Rust that doesn’t require any third-party C libraries, but instead uses the native APIs on each of its supported platforms. So WinAPI on Windows, GTK+ on Linux (installed by default on many distros, easily installed on most of the others) and Cocoa on OS X.


I’ve gotten the data-writing parts of the graphite time series database working again. Did a big switch to memmap-rs and essentially rewrote the whole lib (way nicer to borrow from a slice in memory than to manage buffers and call seek!). That work has been dockerized and now I’m tuning the kernel for virtual memory performance. Low system load on 40k metrics/minute with lots of read/write caching.