What's everyone working on this week (4/2024)?

New week, new Rust! What are you folks up to?

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Working on the commit process for RustDb, my idea is to have a process that writes updates to backing storage allowing the main update process to finish (and be ready to process further transactions) earlier.

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I'm working on making my simple cli app useable from the system tray with the help of tauri.

Where the cli would print and read from the terminal to confirm with the user what to do, the system tray app is going to open a small window with a checkbox list, and the user will click a button to confirm.

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Trying to upgrade twirp to http and hyper 1.x.

Building AWS lambda’s with lambda_http and SAM, HTMX with Tera for the UI, using dynamodb, cognito, SQS and SNS, and interfacing with an external mysql db with diesel. It’s fun.

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