What's everyone working on this week (1/2024)?

Happy new year! What are you folks up to?


Developing a card game similar to Microsoft Hearts.


What are you using for graphics? Out of curiosity

Iā€™m using a traditional UI toolkit tk for rendering. A card is just a button with an image.

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Building a workflow tool to render text to diagrams. Just launched a tech preview today.


I found it difficult to view a diagram using the DOT language using a modern tech stack that was web-native. My plan is to make it integrate with workflow tools to automatically render programmatically generated DOT files/graphs.

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Working on my kubernetes manage platform

Trying to improve the guessing game from the Book's chapter 2 (I finished it, but I can't cross-compile it and I don't understand why)

Just Started Learning Rust Programming.


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Debugging my router that works like OSRM, and its partially compatible with OSRM http request protocol, so that I can take OSRM frontend and point it at my local router port.

Good luck then!

A ML library with transformations (grad, jvp, vjp) similar to JAX. Currently adding more primitives/ops.
GitHub - cksac/rai: ML framework with ergonomic APIs in Rust.

You can have grad of grad for a function.

use rai::backend::Cpu;
use rai::{grad, DType, Tensor};

fn f(x: &Tensor) -> Tensor {

fn main() {
    let grad_fn = grad(grad(f));

    let backend = &Cpu;
    let x = Tensor::ones([1], DType::F32, backend);
    let grads = grad_fn(&[x]);

    println!("{}", grads[0].dot_graph());
    println!("{}", grads[0]);

I'm working on wasm-bridge, a Rust crate that enables "running wasmtime on the web". This week I finished a big rework and managed to get WASI working again.


Maybe it is now "next week"... but I implemented a "page renumbering" feature for RustDb. This allows reclamation of secondary storage ( disk space ) when there are "free pages", which can arise when pages are repacked, or simply when data is deleted.

Although free pages only take a small amount of storage(136 bytes) and can be re-used without renumbering, so whether it is really needed is quite questionable, which is why I didn't implement it before!


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