What stable Rust applications do you use frequently?

I'm gathering examples of applications (not libraries) which run on stable Rust and are built using Cargo.

For instance, Ripgrep is a good example ofthe kind of application I'm talking about because it runs on Rust 1.9 Stable or newer, is built with Cargo, and is an alternative to Grep for command-line use.

Although Redox is awesome, it's not what I'm looking for here because it requires Rust Nightly and uses a complex build system in addition to Cargo.

And although Serde is also great, it's not the kind of example I'm looking for right now because it's used almost exclusively from inside other Rust programs, so it's more like a library than an application.

What are your favorite examples of Rust applications?

Thank you!


Maybe this answer is cheeky, but the applications written in Rust I use most are rustc and cargo. :wink:

EDIT: and rustup!


Is there a minimum Rust threshold? I certainly use Firefox a lot...


There is also xsv, which I use pretty much any time I deal with CSV files. (Which isn't terribly often, but when I do deal with spectacularly big ones, it's nice to have something fast to slice and dice it with.)

cargo-benchcmp for comparing microbenchmarks. There are lots of other little Cargo utilities too: https://crates.io/search?q=cargo



I also tend to use clippy a lot.

Is Clippy building fine on 1.12? Last time I tried there were issues...

Apart from stuff I've written myself (chord3 and rphotos), I use bins and ripgrep a lot.

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To answer my own question, Clippy is still not stable:

type macros are experimental (see issue #27245)

I use Tokei (a lines of code counter) quite regularly (not really often, but whenever I want to count lines of code)


There is all the rust related applications: rustc, cargo, rustup, various cargo sub-commands, etc.

In the not rust related application I use:

  • ripgrep
  • treeify, a small cli app I developed. It take a list of files as its input and print them as a tree-like output
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Thank you for all of the suggestions so far!

For my own future reference, this seems a good place to note that the Matrix server Ruma is currently on Nightly but aims to work on Stable once its short list of Nightly features land.

I use heatseeker constantly, and it has built on stable Rust for some time now.

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I use habitat daily (I'm on the dev team for it, so take that for what it is worth). We are build on stable, though we'd required the nightly cargo for workspaces support.

I use the ripgrep daily, it is really awesome. And I also use the tokei sometimes.

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I am a big user of rustfmt.

This might be cheating since I wrote them, but I use passgen (random password generator) and virgil (static site builder) quite often.

I'll also pile on to the list of people that use rg.

Another I don't see mentioned is rq it's like jq, but supports more formats than json. Super helpful for me to mucking around with raw cbor.

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Ooh, rq looks really neat.

exa: i used it instead of ls.
cargo-clippy: super convenient.
ydcv-rs: a translation tool. :smiley: