Rust projects in the wild?


I’ve been reading up on Rust a little bit and the ideas all seem great. I’d love to get started.

Can anyone recommend any open source applications of Rust (other than the language itself and Cargo) that I can look at to see common practices, patterns, etc? I learn best through example. has a great mechanism for getting involved with OSS by language and I’d love to see more Rust projects there. (I’m not affiliated with them in any way).

EDIT: I’m coming from a Rails/web background, so projects similar to that would be useful for me.
EDIT 2: Play projects or something as simple as someone’s blog in Rust are totally valid for this.


I’d try Servo.

I got the impression that they’re friendly to Rust newcomers, an they have many simple issues to start with. Here’s the link to the list of open issues that marked with an “easy” label.


Or you can shuffle through and check github issues in projects you like, it’s a good chance library authors will be happy to get your help. E.g. there’s hyper project with a lot of opened issues.


xsv is a pretty nice tool for dealing with large CSV files.

wtfw is a tiling window manager written in Rust.

Piston is a game engine, or really more a coordinated set of libraries useful for building a game engine, written in Rust; there are also a variety of other libraries used for game development but not directly under the Piston umbrella.

reenix is a Unix-like operating system written in Rust as a thesis project.