Welcome to China (RUST CHINA CONF 2023)


Rust China Conf was held three times:

  • 2020
  • 2022 (online only)
  • 2023

So this time it has been two years for such a great opportunity that a bunch of people coming together to join a nationwide face-to-face meetup.

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But the OP conveys none of that. :slight_smile: It's not a "here is a conference in the future, here is registration link".

It is "here is a picture from a [past] event".

maybe there is a language barrier.

I agree some descriptions should be attached.

The conference started yesterday and ends today.

Here's the twitter of the conf host and the schedule (but in Chinese).



Kàn qǐlái hěn yǒuqù. Gǎnxiè nǐ de fēnxiǎng.

That looks like fun. Thank you for sharing.


I can not read Chinese. The picture fully communicated to me that the event was happening an the guest are having a good time.


The issue I see is whether this forum is meant for (1) technical discussions or (2) the Rust instagram channel.

Is there recording of the conference? Would be interested to see what is being worked.

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From the
community page.
"The Rust Users Forum is a place for Rust users to communicate about anything and everything related to Rust. Ask questions here, coordinate on project ideas, whatever you like! "


Yes, there will be free records (usually also with PPTs), but after a month or so because videos need to be edited according to one of the conference organizers.

I'll post the links in this post when they come out.

  1. By the written guidelines, it looks like I'm in the wrong here.

  2. Nevertheless, I still feel there is something off with posts that consists solely of a single picture from a conference. It (intuitively) feels very spammy / meme-y / instagram-y ish.

Moderator notes: As long as they're kept reasonably organized and on-topic, posts like this are fine. Most of the discussions on this forum are Q/A, but there's no rule that says they have to be.

On-topic means the event has to actually be about Rust.

Organized is a bit more complicated, but the important part to understand is that it's totally fine that you aren't interested in every topic that gets opened here as long as the title and category are specific enough for you to easily ignore them. If a topic is misleadingly labeled, and you have a high trust level, please edit the title and category to be more helpful to future readers.


Looks like I misunderstood the form guidelines. I apologize for the drama.


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