RustConf tickets are on sale!

RustConf is August 16-17 (talks on 17th, trainings on 16th)

Registration is open!

We’re having 16 talks this year – two keynotes and two parallel tracks of 7 talks each. Not all of these are announced yet, but watch (or follow for updates!


I suppose that now Rust is so fast that, like the Flash, we can warp space-time by using it and travel back in time? :grin:

damn. two months start with an A. Fixed, thanks!

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I’ve been planning to attend this conference, which starts the same day as my son’s birthday. (He lives in the same city.) I’m disappointed that the organizers are using Eventbrite after its April update to its merchant agreement. See Eventbrite Claims The Right To Film Your Events – And Keep the Copyright. IANAL. Will their copyright ownership inhibit concurrent recording and posting of sessions from the Friday conference, as occurs after many Rust get-togethers?


They changed their terms of service since that article, see

We record and publish the talks (though Confreaks, usually).