Uuid is now 1.0!

Hello, fellow Rustaceans,

After 4 years since uuid-rs team took over the crate and 5 months of since the preview 1.0.0-alpha.1 release, the team is happy to announce 1.0.0 version of uuid has been released.

A big thank you to all the contributors that put their time and effort to help us improve the crate over the years, and especially towards the 1.0 version. I would like to give a special shoutout to @KodrAus. He worked hard for the last few months to finally push out the 1.0 release.

Here are some important points to highlight

Stability commitment

With uuid 1.0 we'll try to stay on that version "forever". There won't be a 2.0 unless there's a very compelling need for it. That means you should feel safe depending on Uuid in the public API of your libraries if you want to.


Current minimum supported rust version is 1.46.0. Our plan is keep the MSRV at this version in the future, unless a reason rises. The MSRV bump will come in a minor version (1.y.z) release, and will always be announced in the release.

Release Notes

Release notes and other information can be found here




uuid 1.0 made me realize all the builders I've written should have been using into_*() rather than build().

I think this is a very rust thing for the Builder pattern. Because nested types for not allowed for rust types, a typical builder is called just that: Builder. Having its build method being something along the lines of into_* is probably one of the most readable way for the end user, as well as the actual developer.

I think it depends.

If your builder is made with e.g. Uuid::build(), it makes more sense to use .build() or .finish(), because Uuid::build().into_uuid() is kind of silly.

If your builder is made with Builder::new() (or other functions of the Builder type rather than the Uuid type), it makes more sense to have .into_uuid().

As with most things, it's subjective, and there are potential benefits and downsides to most approaches. What color would you like the bikeshed?


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Rusty orange please

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