UUID crate is back!


Feels good to announce that the UUID crate is back. The crate has been moved to its own uuid-rs organisation and we are actively working on taking it forward.

We have released a 0.6.0-beta so do test it and let us know for any bugs or if anything is lacking.

We are planning of a stable 0.6.0 release next week once we finish addressing all the issues.


Other co-maintainers:
@KodrAus, @kinggoesgaming, @radix



For anybody interested, here are the release notes for 0.6.0-beta. Some of the key breaking changes:

  • Renamed the use_std feature to std and enabled it default, but opted-out of the std feature for serde. So anyone using uuid in a no_std context will need to update their Cargo.toml, but can now use the serde feature of uuid without it then trying to pull in std too
  • Removed support for rustc_serialize
  • Removed the rand::Rand trait implementation (we’ll revisit this when rand stabilises)