Uuid 0.6.0 is released! Edit: Update to 0.6.2

Hey folks

We have released a 0.6.0 version of uuid-rs.

Github: https://github.com/uuid-rs/uuid
Docs: https://docs.rs/uuid/0.6.0/uuid/
Crates: https://crates.io/crates/uuid


  • Cargo.toml updated to reflect repository changes (#148)
  • Minimum supported rustc version added (#143)
  • Update Sha1 dependency to 0.5 0.6 (#142 and #146)
  • UuidV1ClockSequence trait added (#137)

from beta release:

  • make std default feature (#130 #131)
  • macro use cleanup (#125)
  • remove rustc_serialize support (#112)
  • make rand a private dependency
  • fix some doc rendering issues
  • bump sha-1 to 0.4 (#110)
  • rename use_std to std (#107)
  • Add tests for compact/readable representations (#105)
  • Remove use of serde_test (#104)
  • Add impl fmt::{UpperHex,LowerHex} for {Uuid,Hyphenated,Simple} (#103)

@radix, @kodrAus @kinggoesgaming @dylan.dpc

If you are using the previous versions in your crate and you don’t have time to update it, just reply witih a link of your crate and we will send you a pull request :smiley:



Hello, thank you. Very much in the time!
I have just started to use it on 0.5.1. Will switch to the new version.


Thanks for the update. I have one request for a future version. It’s really hard to debug a program using UUIDs when they change on each run. I would really like a debug option, perhaps one that takes a value as an argument, that returns the same sequence of UUIDs on every run that supplies that value. I’ve used random number routines with that option, and it really helps when debugging.

Of course, the danger is forgetting to turn off the feature for production (something I’ve done), so you should probably provide some notification that it’s in use. A prefix on the generated UUIDs, something like DEBUG-xxxxxx, should do the trick.

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Thanks for the reply. Can you create an issue on the repo please? Makes it easier for us to track down. Thanks :slight_smile:

Oops! We removed with_std in a breaking way which means that you will need to release a new major version. We have fixed it a released a 0.6.1 version. Kindly update if you need the feature.

cc @sgrif

Release notes



Thank you <3


we have released 0.6.2 of uuid. It allows you to create uuid from random bytes so you don’t want to depend on rand.

Release notes

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Pushed a 0.6.3 release of uuid.

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:confetti_ball: uuid version 0.6.4 now available for use :slight_smile:


Oops! We had a bug with the feature names in the 0.6.4 release so we pushed a 0.6.5 release. (You need to update from 0.6.4 only if you are using the const_fn feature on nightly)

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