Using workflow engines like Netflix Conductor


have any of you ever tried to use Netflix Conductor with Rust? If so how did you do it because as far as I know there is no SDK available for Rust? Do you know any other workflow engines which have better Rust support?

Thanks in advance :smiley:

I haven't done anything with workflow engines/BPEL/BPNM since uni[1] , so please take my advice with a grain of salt. I quickly googled for open source workflow engines and came up with these four that seem to be quite popular:

  • Netflix Conductor
  • Apache Airflow
  • Uber Cadence

Now when it comes to features and if any of them fit your use-case, I don't know. You must make sure to choose the right tool!

Here my observations:

  • Bad news: no one supports an official Rust SDK/client. AFAICT, there aren't any maintained unofficial Rust clients either
  • Good news: Netflix Conductor[2] and Apache Airflow provide REST/gRPC APIs specified by OpenAPI/Swagger. You can generate a Rust client from the specification files with swagger-codegen and build a nice Rust client on top of that yourself.
  •'s core sdk is written in Rust and currently used as the client backend for their officially supported Go/Java/TS/PHP clients. Read more about it here: Why Rust powers Temporal’s new Core SDK. Maybe you could use the Rust core-sdk as is?

Whichever you choose, you'll have to put in some effort creating a usable Rust client for any of these four yourself, I'm afraid. I reckon this could be a fun and rewarding project though.

  1. I have hazy memories of using BonitaBPM and Adonis ↩︎

  2. SwaggerUI currently unavailable, because their links are broken, pointing to localhost :smile: ↩︎

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Thank you for your reply @jofas.
Unfortunately I already know these alternatives and their non existent (un)official Rust support :frowning: I had hopes someone might know another workflow engine. But the fact that temporal's SDK is written in Rust is very interesting. I didn't know that and I will definitely check it out.
Other than that as you already said I'll probably need to implement a small client myself which will indeed be interesting and fun but also more time consuming than planned :smiley:

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