Tutorial Series: My Beginner To Advanced YouTube Series [WIP]

Hello friendly Rust community from Australia :smiley:,

Newest Video: Rust Programming Tutorial - Default Array Initialization - Rust 12 - YouTube

I have been working on a Rust tutorial series with a bit of step and pop in it to help beginners and first time Rust users dive into the language. Over the time that I have been working on the tutorials a lot has changed. Every single video I bring to #rust for feedback and they provide me with great advice on how to improve, my last tutorial (Rust 09) encompasses all of that.

Anyway enough spinning this. If you are looking to step into Rust but learn better off of a medium like YouTube then this series is for you. Some of the early videos have a few mistakes in regards to best practice and will eventually be remade.

Here is the link to the Playlist:

My goal with this project is to be high enough quality that is can easily accompany the Rust book.

That is why I would love to get feedback from the community.

ABitWiseGuy :stuck_out_tongue:


Great job!

Thank you SO MUCH GUYS. I will be putting up 2 new videos each weekend (Time allowing of course). I really want this to be of a standard that the rust community would happily point to as a getting started point of reference. This is why i will be redoing the early parts of the series with my new microphone.

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I am not sure if its appropriate to bump this thread with new videos so MODS let me know if this is not ok. But I plan on using this post as an announcement thread when a new video in the series is live.

New Video:
Arrays In Rust

New videos are out now. See playlist above!.

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Nice. Here are some more of the best Rust tutorials & books.

Good job, dude. You know, when you are familiar with something you've already mastered, you won't bother teaching it. Thanks for your contribution to the community.