Best youtube playlists for learning Rust

I'm looking for best playlists for learning rust in youtube.

Edit: Is there a living link for that lost playlist:
Name is: ThePrimeagen: Rust: Zero To Production


It depends on your background / comprehension of CS terms, but imho Tensor's videos are among the best out there.

Another Youtbue channel that you might find interesting is


Links and their own introduction


These are so good, I subscribed all of them.

And also we can add udemy or another links :slight_smile:

This doesn't often get mentioned, but this playlist by Doug Milford, was a game changer for me:


This channel helped me a lot.

For more in-depth discussions of intermediate topics, the crust of rust series is very good

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Not a playlist but a full video with timestamps - Rust 101 Crash Course: Learn Rust (6 HOURS!) + 19 Practice Exercises | Zero To Mastery

This is aimed at beginner programmers (or is presented in a way that is amenable to them) but can be watched by experienced developers too. In that case, you can either skip some of the earlier topics or run through them at high speed.

All of these are awesome folks. Other education platforms are good too. For example I got certificate from that: And it is fine I think.

I'm looking to that channel novadays: