Video Tutorial For Start Rust

Hey Guys,
I start Reading Rust lang book. I want inside book watch video tutorial in Rust for fundamentals, please introduce to me some good video tutorials for rust lang

Thank you dear ebinshabu
i found this too . that according to the title i think tensor tutorials cover more thing in rust ?! is it correct ?! which one is better? has a few basic intro videos.


I actually learned about Rust from this guy. I also recommend YouCodeThings. I being very much a beginner, most, if not all of what he writes is still very much over my head but his tutorials are of good quality, though they may be a little fast-paced. I just installed the Rust compiler today. Having wanted to learn a systems language for a while, rust seems to be the best option. Sure, there’s stuff out there with an easier learning curve, but it’s garbage collected! It sure is nice that language devs found a better alternative; even if it’s a little more difficult to understand. I just ran the following program on this cheap-o-laptop and it was lightning fast! You don’t get this performance in python!

fn main() {
    let mut n = 0;
    loop {
        println!("This iterations favorite number is {}.", n);
        if n >= 0xFFFF {break;}
        n += 1;

To be clear, I’m not ripping on python. I love that language and it’s great for non-performance intensive applications like the Othello game I’ve been working on using wxPython. All that remains is the single player gamemode…

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Watching YouCodeThings makes you feel good when you learn Rust.


I found this video to be really useful:

It basically is a crash-course introduction to Rust, and I felt it complemented the book very well.

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That video is not that great mate I have tried it out

Then for learning what is your solution Joe? please help me