This is a new beginner friendly project, a TUI wrapper for RipGrep: rg_explorer


I've built this TUI wrapper for RipGrep, it is called rg_explorer

This project is a TUI you can launch providing a search term argument. By default, rg_explorer will perform a RipGrep search by using the search term you provided on the folder it was launched, with "-A 1", "-B 1" and "--json" flags to get one line of context around each match and the results will be printed in JSON format

The results will be parsed using serde crate, and a data structure will be formed using the output of RipGrep. The data structure will generate a Vec, each Node will have the name of the file that contains a match, and will have a Vec of matches and context lines associated to that file.

The application will write a TUI you can use to explore the results, do some recursive sub-searches, span more or less lines of context around the result, edit the search term, etc.

The goal of the project is to spare the time you spent scrolling on your terminal when exploring a new project you want to get involved.

The project is still in diapers, needs more features and needs some refinement over its TUI. But right now it provides you some basic functionality, and hopefully it will give you a taste of what this project is all about.

I will be filling the "ISSUES" tab with ideas, most of them are beginner friendly. So anybody that wants to train his skills on Rust is welcome to contribute to this project. Any ideas are welcomed to improve the project.




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