What's everyone working on this week (36/2023)?

New week, new Rust! What are you folks up to?

Understanding ownership, borrowing, & and *, would be a nice thing this week :slight_smile:

(Yes, I am an absolute beginner, and a slow one as well)


I published a new crate, https://crates.io/crates/closure_attr . This reduces the boilerplate when using callbacks:

fn example() {
        #[closure(clone a, clone b)]
        move || {

The above captures clones of a and b. It has various capture options: clone <ident>, clone mut <ident>, ref <ident>, ref mut <ident>, rcweak <ident>, and arcweak <ident>.

The weak captures automatically downgrade and upgrade pointers to help with Rc and Arc loops.


A file-based arbitrary-structure database to form a base for NoSQL-Relational Databases!

It's RDB without SQL. I call it SQAPI.

The database offers its own binary format which mimics a filesystem, but is designed for highly customisable multi-user use-cases

I had finally some time to work on rs_pbrt again and deal with the PR of iXialumy to connect during rendering to the image viewer tev, so you can watch the tiles being rendered:

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