Code Review - 1st Rust Project - grepr - a mini rgrep

Hello Rust Experts,

I've been learning Rust for about a month now. To help me learn, I wrote a mini grep which combines find -name pattern -exec grep and works a bit like findstr /s on Windows. One aim was to skip directories with periods as usually I'm only interested in searching large code bases depending on extension type. Another advantage is being able to use more regular expression syntax than offered by grep.

I've learned a lot: closures, vectors, iterators, adaptors, how to write tests for cargo test and much more. I’ve tried to use Rust idioms but I know I still have lots to learn about this language.

Will I use this program on a daily basis? I probably will but I don't expect it to replace anybody else's favourite search tool. And I know there are some really powerful tools out there. This is just a learning aid for me.

It is all on my github repository: StevenLwcz/rgrep. If you would like to take a look and give me feedback for improvements, I’d really appreciate that. Thank you.

Learning materials come from many sources but I think most inspired by Command-Line Rust by Ken Youens-Clark

Next on my list of things to look into is Concurrency and Asynchronous programming.

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