Steps after rustlings


I have done the rustlings a few times and I think I understand the basics now.
So I tried to follow a tutorial on rocket framework but it seems that is level to high for me.
Are there ways to come at a level I can work with Rocket so I can make a small website.

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I personally learned by following this book: Command Line Applications in Rust.

Thanks , my goal is to write complex web apps later and solve problems like advent of code.
but I understand that can take a long time.

I also looked at with challenges from easy to hard but there I do not get feedback because the mentored mode has closed so I never know if did things the right or the wrong way or if can improve things

maybe for me the web assembly can be a good choice to make interactive website's in the future

I don't understand your question.

If you have worked a little way through the Rust book and moved on to the Rocket documentation then getting a web site up in Rust should be easy, Heck, even I could do it.

If you want to tackle code challenges like or whatever that is a totally other question.

Meanwhile, web assembly is a great and all but not required for either of the above.

What is it you actually want to do?

Like I said earlier I wanted to do two things in the future.

  1. making websites with rust and rocket
  2. solving challenges like Advent of Code or

I tried to do the challenges on the pastebin chapter but could not solve them. That is why I think Rocket is a few level too high for me

It's hard to know for sure without knowing what made using rocket difficult for you but I have a feeling you're closet than you think!

I think (not having done them myself, only glanced at a few just now) the rustling exercises won't have gotten you used to some of the more complex types "real libraries" use. I think there are a couple of things you need to do to bridge the gap and gain confidence.

  1. Learn how to read rust documentation (I don't mean to be rude!) The documentation usually takes some getting used to. Navigate around the rust std docs and try generating docs for a crate of your own to get a feel for it. You will need to read (some of) the rocket docs. Type signatures might look mysterious at first but once you understand the common types a library uses you'll find everything gets easier.

  2. Read the chapter on generics in the book. You might not need to explicitly use them in your own tires and functions. But libraries like rocket will need to use them. I think reading that chapter will help even more to make the type signatures (and the errors!) involved in using a rust library easier to understand.

My final point would be to just get stuck in. You're not going to get a whole web server to compile first time using rust and that's not a problem. Read the compiler errors just as you are probably used to from rustlings and don't lose heart :slight_smile:

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