Published my first book "Rust Web Development with Rocket"

Hello, my first book titled "Rust Web Development with Rocket" was just published. I wrote this book because I really like Rocket Web Framework and has been watching Rocket since early days when Sergio Benitez announced one of the first web framework for Rust.

My intended audience for the book is for web developers who are interested in learning Rust, but I hope seasoned Rust programmers can benefit from the book as well.

I'm looking for people who can review my book on Amazon, I can ask Packt to send free ebook.
I'm also looking for people who has pretty good social media reach. If you are in US or in Europe I can ask Packt to send printed copy as well.

You can reach me at karuna.murti at

Packt link
Amazon link

If anyone interested, here's a link to my interview from Packt.


Well done, I would like to Review. I have previous experience building with Node/Typescript and I'm currently learning Rust/Rocket

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