Is there any web framework recommonded for Rust learner?

I want to learn Rust further more with building a web-server with Rust, it will work for a personal blog web-page. My targets are as follows:
(1) I want to use HTTPS for some reasons, So the framework should support HTTPS;
(2) I want a framework with fairly good documentions;
I have looked through some frameworks like rocket, actix-web, tide, hyper. But they have some difficult for my usage(like rocket requires nightly Rust, actix-web 's unstable change between versions). So is there any web framework for Rust learner with relative stable versions, good documents?

By far the two most popular choices are rocket and actix-web. If you're missing documentation, you may want to consider the Zero to Production book, which is about using actix-web.

You could also try the gotham framework. It's a smaller framework, but I hear it's relatively simple. There's also warp.


Thanks for your help, I think I will try it :smiley:

Rocket is a framework "with batteries included", so it should be easier for you to get started than, let's say, actix-web.

As a beginner wanting a web server a year or so ago I landed on Rocket. If only because it was the first Rust web frame work I ever heard of. Having found the great presentations on it by it's creator Sergio Benitez. For example: RustConf 2017 - Building Rocket by Sergio Benitez - YouTube

Well, actually, I had heard of Actix but I ignored it as at the time it's creator was threatening to abandon it and delete it's repository. Not a confidence building situation.

Personally I would not worry about the requirement of nightly Rust for using Rocket 0.4, it has been solid for me over the last year working in production.

The Rocket 0.5 release candidate does not require nightly Rust. Quickstart - Rocket Programming Guide. I have no qualms about jumping to the 0.5 release candidate. It has been working well in my tests.

The Rocket documentation is very good. Any problems I had with it were generally down to my lack of understanding of Rust and were quickly cleared up by questions here.

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