SQL implementations in Rust?

I was just wondering if there are any implementations of SQL in Rust.

I found


which I haven't looked at in detail and this

https://nukep.github.io/progblog/2015/04/15/developing-llamadb.html ( which looks quite basic ).

Also this parser: https://crates.io/crates/sqlparser

Reason being that I am thinking of porting my existing C# implementation I made earlier this year to Rust ( and have even started porting some of the code ).

The only database I know that's written in Rust is TerminusDB, but that's a graph database, not a relational one.

However, through diesel there's support for SQLite, Postgres and (I think) MariaDB. I use that for a web app I combination with SQLite and it works better than pretty much any ORM I've used before that.
Not that diesel is an ORM, it brands itself as a SQL query builder. But it turns out to get the ORM job done pretty well, too. You won't get a DB written in Rust, but it'll integrate nicely with Rust code.

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Here is a list of awesome rust where you can find also a list of databases Awesome Rust

Can you enlarge on that statement? It seems to me that Rust would be a good language for database implementation. Perhaps you mean "nobody is going to have/had time to do this" or perhaps you mean "it would be a silly thing to do" (if so why), or what?

I think it means "you won't get it right now".

@geebee22 @Cerberuser indeed, I meant that when using diesel in combination with any of the (to my knowledge) currently supported SQL databases, diesel is of course written in rust, but the SQL db itself is still written in C/C++.
Which ultimately doesn't matter because diesel is so good at integrating those DBs and the Rust language.

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