Rustdb v 1.0.0 published

This is the database written in Rust I have been working on for about 18 months now ( albeit with a long break ). It has been interesting and fun writing it in rust. I previously implemented something very similar in C#.

It's meant to be the database that I would liked to have had for the last 20 years or so when implementing website projects for small businesses, something like Microsoft SQL Server, but better.

There is a simple user interface to the database implemented in the SQL-like language itself, allowing generic browsing/editing of the database tables. Functions written in Rust can easily be called from the SQL-like language.

As discussed in an earlier post, read-only transactions get a "virtual" copy of the database at the time they start, so do not block each other or write transactions.

Notably, it's possible to directly access the data, rather than using the SQL-like language. The example program ( an axum-based web server ) has an example of this.

Please feel free to comment here, I would be interested to know if anyone is trying it out, any kind of feedback or suggestions for further development.


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