Six Years of Rust

Hey everyone, in case you didn’t know, today is Rust’s sixth birthday! :tada: :tada:

Have there been any changes or projects in the past year you’ve been most excited about?


Happy birthday Rust!

I have only been aware of Rust for less than two years, so I have no idea about what has changed in that six years.

But the projects I have been most excited about are the ones I have put in place myself in that year and a half. Which very soon went into production and have proved rock solid and very performant in that time.

Empowering even me to build reliable and efficient software. In an environment were development time is short and reliability a high priority.

Hopefully I will find the time to learn the large parts of the language I have avoided so far. And thus write more rustic Rust. But no urgency Rust has already prevented me from creating a disaster of buggy, unreliable code.

Which in turn means I should give credit to all the crates that have made what I have done possible. Like: serde, tokio, nats, clap, postgres, rocket and a cast of thousands of others.

After decades of "same old same" languages I have not had so much fun writing code since I discovered ALGOL in 1976!


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