▶ New Rustacean News 1: One year and counting

A year in, Rust is changing fast but still stable. I discuss a bunch of changes in Rust, with a nice long discussion of how the compiler works today and how it will work after MIR lands (as best I understand it, at least :wink:) This is the first "news" episode, and I'll be doing these every three to six months as makes sense.

Thoughts, comments, and corrections welcome as always!

:arrow_forward: News 1: One year and counting


Great episode. I really enjoyed the technical overview of the current compiler situation and the changes MIR will bring.

You mention seeking other Rust podcasts. There is rustyradio. Also, the recent one-off: Rust with Steve Klabnik.

@bdjnk, thanks for the references! I knew about Rusty Radio, but didn't see their latest two episodes, as they've moved their RSS feed. I'd also just seen the Software Engineering Daily one, and downloaded it to listen myself. Much obliged!