Rusty Game Jam #2

Hey everyone, we're finally announcing the Rusty Jam #2! It's a great chance to try out some new Rusty tech, form a team of like-minded rustaceans, and feel what a full cycle of making a game in Rust feels like in miniature!

Submissions will be open from June 18th to June 26th. Voting on submissions will begin as soon as the jam ends and will run for a week.

This jam focuses more on using Rust than anything else. That means you aren't restricted on your design, music, or graphics, as long as you use Rust to make it!

The optional-to-use theme for the jam is going to be announced in the Rusty Jam Discord and pinned in the community section. While you're waiting for the theme, you can start looking for a team in the #looking-for-team Discord channel. If you want to solo jam though, that's fine too.

See the page for more details about dates, rules, modifiers, etc!

This jam's mascot is Aaron the Rust-loving fox (submitted by vSmiles)!

Aaron: a drawing of a humanoid fox

Aaron is a proud supporter of Rust and loves spreading this love around the world.

He hands out little red flags as he marks the places he's reached, and with his big furry smile, he wants Rust to be an approachable programming language that's suitable for anyone!

He also has a very special bandana that features his little friend Ferris.


Reminder: the jam has begun

The second RustyJam submission period has ended this weekend! Now we have a week for the public to play the submissions and vote for the best ones. Please, join everyone:

The Rusty Jam #2 results are finally in!

  1. :1st_place_medal: Chick the Dog by Uriopass
  2. :2nd_place_medal: A walk around the block by ramirezmike
  3. :3rd_place_medal: Fight for the Frontier by rand0m and logicprojects

The rest can be seen here:

Thank you everyone for participating in RustyJam #2, and for those who couldn't make it, let's get it on the next one! RustyJam #3 will be announced in due time, and we'll improve based on feedback given by everyone.

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