RustRush 2018 - Conference in Moscow on December 15-16

We’d like to announce the first international Rust conference in Russia that will take place over two days on December 15-16 in Moscow.

On our team:

  • @nbaksalyar, who is Rust OpenBSD support contributor;
  • Leonid Kalneus, who is organizer of DevFest Siberia;
  • me and my wife Jane Pankova. We’ve been organizing Moscow meetups.

The first day is all about talks on a variety of topics related to Rust and the community, with a keynote from Ashley Williams and some prominent community members among the speakers, including Pascal Hertleif, Katharina Fey, and Pierre Krieger (@tomaka). There are 4 Rust Project members invited to speak at the conference.

The second day is about workshops, one of which is lead by Ashley and Steve Klabnik.

Some interesting talks are:

  • Beyond blockchain: PARSEC, bringing consensus to the next level with Rust. Pierre Chevalier.
    Rust programmer and leader of the Routing team at Maidsafe, Pierre Chevalier participated in the invention of PARSEC: a next generation consensus protocol and is now overseeing its development in the open, in Rust.
    Invented in 2018, PARSEC is a revolutionary algorithm that has the potential to disrupt the blockchain by offering a scalable, mathematically proven alternative for trustless consensus. It is open-source and written in rust. Co-inventor Pierre will blow your socks off by explaining its ins and outs.
  • An Async Story. Katharina Fey.
    Async network programming has become a big deal in the modern day and age. The Rust community is no exception. Especially considering the rising popularity of the language for network and distributed systems development, having a solid async story is important. This was the goal of the networking WG for Rust 2018. And while not all goals were met for the end of the year release, there have been significant changes and movement in both the core syntax and the ecosystem around it. In this talk, we will examine both development that has already happened as well as things still on the roadmap.

See the website for the details.

Please join us at the conference! We have a 20% discount for the community members using the promotion code RUSTYCRATE. The discounted ticket prices start from 8000 RUB (approx. €105). Get a ticket.

It’s straightforward to arrange a Russian visa through VFS Global (Europe) or ILS (USA) visa centre, requiring only a filled application and a valid passport. Please contact us if you have any other questions about travel.

If you have any other questions, ask us in the comments or PM.