RustLab 2020 event

Hello rustaceans!
fist: I am not a developer. I know that this could not be the best beginnig on a technical forum but I'm in charge of organise the 2020 RustLab edition and I know how much important is the community contribution for events (i've been into the python community since 2012 orgasining the PyConIT event). RustLab is a young Rust event at its second year (last year we gathered ~170 people from all the world) that will take place between october 12th and 18th. This year, due to ovbious safety issues, we chose to run a full remote online event.

I just want to invite all the curious on our website,, our CFP is open and we are always looking for talented speakers to build our quality schedule:

We are open to partnership proposals and to give space to openprojects with sessions and workshops. Obviously we follow the Rust Code of Conduct and strongly believe in inclusion and in the richness of diversity (e.g.: this year we are trying to give a better web accessibility for disabled people). If you want to contact us please feel free to write at

I really hope that this could be of interest for the Rust community :slight_smile:



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