Rustdoc (CommonMark): variables?

In documenting my crate I sometimes need a linked ref (url) to someplace in my crate hierarchy. I can only do this with a relative url (which changes when either source or target destinations change). Is there a way in Rustdoc (CommonMark) to use a variable that points to the root of the crate? Thanks.

How about intra rustdoc links?

I've read rfcs/ at master · rust-lang/rfcs · GitHub, the corresponding tracking issue ( and the CommonMark specs (CommonMark Spec). Yet, I haven't been able to find a mechanism that allows me to refer to the crate's root in a general URI (i.e. one referring to a general resource, such as an image rather than code).

I don't think there is something like that if the intra rustdoc link feature doesn't cover your use case.

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