How to create link between rustdoc and mdbook?

In case this is a A/B problem, what I'm trying to do is to have both a API centrist documentation (with rustdoc), and a global overview (with mdbook).

All the documentation (rustdoc + mdbook) is going to be build locally. I can use relative path to locate the root of the crate or the root of the mdbook (it will be in a documentation subdirectory of my crate).

I would like to add links to and from rustdoc and mdbook. Is it somehow possible? Ideally I would like to be able to use struct.MyType.html into the mdbook, and have the url pointing to the relevant rustdoc section.


When I saw that @alice liked my post but didn't answered it, I knew I was doomed!

In case someone is interested, I opened an issue on the issue tracker of mdbook.


I'm sorry I can't help with this one :sweat_smile:


You can have a look at how ::safer_ffi hacks its way into it, using a script to generate the docs into a folder that is then moved inside a directory within the mdbook-generated static site.

  • There is an optional parameter you can feed it to override the "root path" (since sites may prefix paths with the name of your repo). When missing it defaults to /, useful for local testing.

  • Something I did not knew at the time I wrote the scripts (because hardly documented) about mdbook which would have simplified my script, is that a directory located in the src/ directory of the mdbook is copied to the generated dir for the static site. So, if you copy/move target/doc into your_mdbook_path/src/, mdbook serve will Just Work™, with the paths for your rustdoc-generated docs starting at /doc/your_crate_name/index.html (or {ROOT_PATH}doc/... if using the template trick).


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