Rust Website footer

This is regarding the padding below the footer. So I wanted to know is it by default or a bug.

What are you referring to, specifically?

Their is unnecessary padding present below the footer on the rust website.

Do you mean


Well, I wouldn't call the 30px padding below the footer a bug. Though in my browsers, the padding isn't white like yours but the same colour as the footer itself.

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Okay, Then why it is appearing different for me any clue ?

Actually, looking again at your screenshot, I don't think the white bar below the footer has anything to do with the padding at all. Unfortunately I can't reproduce it on my computer or mobile.

If i disable the padding through inspect element it's not coming.

I'm missing the whole <div id="loom-companion-mv3"> element which contains a section element to which the padding is applied. Looks to me like this is coming from a chrome extension you've installed? Googling loom-companion-mv3 led me to this site: Meet Loom’s New Chrome Extension: Simpler, Faster, Higher Performance | Loom.



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